Connected and automated vehicles codes and standards roadmap

A title page of a report “Connected and automated vehicles codes and standards roadmap.”Connected and automated vehicles (CAVs) will fundamentally change the way people and goods are transported. Safety and security will be necessary for the seamless integration of CAVs on public roads. To support this advancement of rapidly advancing technology, it is important to develop an understanding of the impacts that CAVs will have on their surrounding environments, and map the existing landscape of relevant codes and standards, which provide guidance for the safety and security of technology and products. In this regard, codes and standards will play a critical role in promoting the safe, secure, and seamless integration of CAVs into the transportation system.

This report highlights specific gaps and priorities for CAV standardization that need to be addressed.  Additionally, the report provides four key next steps: international participation, development and adoption of standards, integration of standards, and stakeholder engagement.  Combined, these activities will help facilitate a codes and standards landscape that meets the needs of the CAV industry.  However, gaps will continue to emerge as technology evolves and the industry gains deployment experience.  The four key next steps can be used to continually assess and update the codes and standards roadmap.