Using Standard IEC 80601-2-78 for the Testing of Medical Exoskeletons and other RACA Robots - Case Study Preview

Exoskeletons are different from any other medical device used in health-care settings. They perform “actively controlled physical interactions” with a patient, a novel feature not found in other types of medical devices.1Navigating the requirements of a new medical standard can be difficult for manufacturers introducing products to market.

This case study explores how manufacturers can successfully overcome testing and certification challenges for RACA robots.

This case study covers the following topics:

  • The growth of the medical robotics industry;
  • A new standard for RACA robots; and
  • Getting medical robots to market.

Dr. Edgar Sotter, Senior Director of New Product Technology was also invited to speak with other industry leaders at Globalspec Engineering 360 to explore how digital and motion control innovations are expanding the role of robots in modern manufacturing and industry: Leveraging Robots for Smart Industry

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