Our vision is to create a better, safer, more sustainable world where standards work for people and business.


The Mission of CSA Group is to represent the interests of its members in creating a better, safer, more sustainable world – primarily through standards development, technical research, and training in relevant fields. Through its world-class commercial subsidiaries, CSA Group engages in testing, certification, and related activities that support the organization technically and financially.


Accountability – We are accountable for our own work and actions, as well as the decisions we make for our colleagues, customers and members. Continuous Learning – We are a supportive, action-oriented organization that invests in our colleagues to help them improve their personal and professional skills. We work to exceed the expectations of our customers and members by ensuring our experts continually deliver the highest standards of quality and excellence. Integrity & Mutual Respect – Our work is honest, trust-based, professional and principled, as we strive to exceed our goals to deliver exceptional results to our members and customers. We promote and embrace an inclusive, diverse work culture, where decisions are guided by the highest standards of fairness, objectivity and dignity. Safety – We lead by example in promoting public safety through our own workplace health & safety practices, the services we provide, and the values we uphold. Sustainability – We contribute to driving and promoting social good on behalf of our stakeholders and the communities we service, through our use of sustainable environmental and business practices, and the values we live each and every day.