In a rapidly changing business environment on a global scale, efficiency and reliability are not the only critical elements of your certification and testing agency. Your customer service experience is also essential to your business success. CSA Group can help you achieve your goals for increased efficiency, speed to market, and market access through our commitment to Exceptional Customer Service.

After a century of service, CSA Group is preparing to play a vital role in the global economy for the next 100 years – and exceptional customer service is our foundation. It starts with us listening to you, understanding your obstacles, and providing services that offer true benefits to your business.

In 2017, we will continue to invest in initiatives that can improve the way we do business with you by focusing on areas that bring the most value to you. We are renewing our pledge to provide fast turnaround times, an expanded service portfolio, and strong account relationship management.

Improved Service Delivery Performance

Your business moves at a fast pace. Efficiency and technical proficiency are critical to your success and can impact your bottom line. We are committed to expanding our number of technical professionals, implementing standard turnaround times for commonly requested services, and adopting a global delivery approach in order to decrease our turnaround times and allow you to get your products to market quicker.

Expanded Service Portfolio

The ability to obtain additional certifications from a single agency respects your time and gives you a convenient and efficient ‘one-stop shop’ experience. To help you gain access to U.S., Canadian and global markets, we are expanding our service offerings to include new requirements such as cyber security, and strengthen our existing services including Global Market Access and functional safety. This will create synergies, eliminate agency duplication, reduce costs and save you valuable time.

Stronger Account Relationship Management

Your time is valuable, and we will continue to respect that by providing you a dedicated account manager. We are also looking to decrease our turnaround times on our quotations to help you better manage your budgets and develop self-service tools to add another layer of efficiency and transparency to your experience.


Check back for regular updates on our progress to become a leading provider of exceptional customer service.