Susan Oh - Employee Spotlight

Susan Oh

Susan Oh

Director, Standards

For more than 100 years, CSA Group has helped make the world safer and more sustainable through standards development. Working with more than 10,000 volunteer members, CSA Group helps develop standards in a broad range of interconnected sectors ranging from Health Care & Well Being to Nuclear. These standards development teams are led by sector leaders, like Susan Oh, who are focused on making sure CSA Group standards meet the growing and evolving needs of Canadians.

  1. Describe your CSA Group career journey.

    After working in both the automotive and electronic manufacturing industries, I joined CSA Group in 2009 as a Project Manager for the Nuclear standards program, managing committees and standards development efforts that support the safe and reliable operations of nuclear facilities across Canada. I progressed from that role to Program Manager, overseeing the Nuclear program team, while expanding my responsibility to also cover the Oil and Gas program. For the past three years, I have been the Standards Director, for both Power Generation and Petroleum & Natural Gas, where I am focused on providing leadership and strategic direction to both sectors.

  2. What is a typical day at work like for you?

    My day is usually filled with lots of meetings. This includes communications with my team or other staff to discuss major projects, critical program issues, and sector activities. I also engage with external stakeholders, members or industry stakeholders, to progress sector related matters. When I’m not tied up in meetings, I find time to work on key strategies and projects, or try to catch up on the latest news and events happening in the energy sector.

  3. What is the most rewarding aspect of your role at CSA Group?

    The most rewarding aspect of my role is working with passionate people.

    Standards simply can’t be developed without the support, dedication and contribution of our members who have a passion for advancing standards. It’s inspiring to work with these diverse stakeholders, across all walks of lives, who volunteer their time and share their expertise.

    I also count myself very lucky to work with the talented internal staff at CSA Group, from my team to the many other colleagues that are part of the organization, including executive leadership, other sector directors and their teams and the many functions that support our work.

  4. If you could describe working at CSA Group in one word, what would it be? Why?

    Collaborative. Many of my experiences at CSA Group are, and continue to be, centered around teamwork, relationships and working together with staff, members and stakeholders to achieve common goals.

    From managing standards development that require consensus building and participation of diverse experts across Canada, to exploring new standards opportunities that align with the common interest of the sector, working at CSA Group is all about collaborating with others to achieve success.

  5. Why is CSA Group a great place to work?

    I believe CSA Group provides a very positive work culture. What I remember most about my first few years working at CSA was the diversity of our organization. I am encouraged that this continues to be a focus today.

    Additionally, CSA provides a supportive and flexible atmosphere. Regardless of my role, I have always felt valued for my ideas and contributions. I can openly express my views and ask for feedback. At an organizational level, this is also evident through the various employee engagement activities that focus on listening to and responding to matters important to staff.

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