Ilsan Kim - Employee Spotlight

Ilsan Kim

Ilsan Kim

Operations Manager

Ilsan Kim was one of the first certifiers to join CSA Group Japan in 2015. Growing his career along with the business in the region, Ilsan has held various leadership positions including his current role of Operations Manager. Learn more about why Ilsan feels energized by CSA Group’s dynamic culture and work environment.

  1. Describe your CSA Group career journey.

    After completion of my degree in electrical engineering and after military service and some international studies, I entered the testing, inspection and certification industry. With some experience under my belt, I joined CSA Group in 2015 as a certifier. At the time, our team in Japan was still quite small, so I had the unique opportunity to experience, first-hand, our tremendous growth in the region. Since joining, I have held multiple leadership roles managing technical experts from across the region including Korea, Japan, Taiwan and Singapore. In my current role as Operations Manager, I am focused on operations in Japan, but I continue to work closely with colleagues across the globe.

  2. What is a typical day at work like for you?

    My work is very dynamic – no two days are alike. On an average day, I work across multiple sectors and with different functions ranging from our commercial units, technical teams, marketing and finance. CSA Group’s culture is very friendly, so I can always count on good water cooler chatter with my colleagues to break up the day. I think that this positive environment is the direct result of one of CSA Group’s core values – mutual respect.

  3. What is the most rewarding aspect of your role at CSA Group?

    The people. Since CSA Group is a global organization, I been fortunate to work closely with and manage colleagues from around the world. This experience has been excellent as it has exposed me not only to different people, but to different cultures and ways of thinking.

  4. If you could describe working at CSA Group in one word, what would it be? Why?

    Dynamic because the opportunities to learn and grow are endless. From the leadership team to our Human Resources experts, I always feel supported. CSA Group’s robust performance management process is well structured to be sure that you’re always clear on your career path and how to achieve your goals.

  5. Why is CSA Group a great place to work?

    Work-life balance. Our people work hard, but time away from the office is always recommended and encouraged. I also appreciate the organization’s focus on providing competitive benefits and services, not only for our employees, but for their loved ones as well.

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