We are excited to announce that plans are well-underway for our 2022 Virtual Conference & Committee Week. We look forward to welcoming you into our “Virtual Lobby” where you will be able to explore exciting digital content and programming, starting on Monday June 13th with the announcement of our 2022 CSA Member Award recipients. Here’s a quick snapshot highlighting some of the content and events you can expect to see.

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Monday June 13th

Launch of exciting digital content, including the Interactive conference café connect, Keynote with Nick Thompson, Celebration of the 2022 Award Recipients, Introduction to the CSA Standards Research Scholarship Recipients, and more.

Tuesday June 14th

Annual General Meeting (members only).

A Year-in-Review: Message from Mary Cianchetti, President, Standards, and David Weinstein, President & CEO, CSA Group.

Wednesday June 15th

Government Relations Webinar – Special Guest will be the Mayor of Calgary.

Monday June 13th through Friday June 17th

Virtual Standards Committee Meetings.