2022 Annual Conference & Committee Week


Despite the significant progress the world has made in the fight against COVID-19, uncertainty related to health and safety remains, and decisions about how and when to meet in-person are anything but straightforward. In light of this uncertainty, we have made the decision to cancel plans for an in-person 2022 Annual Conference & Committee Week in Ottawa this June. This was a truly difficult decision to make for a third year in a row, however our principal concern continues to be the safety and well-being of our employees, members and stakeholders.

Alongside the many committee meetings, one of the primary purposes of our Conference is to celebrate our members for your significant commitment to the important work we do together with social and networking opportunities that explore great locations, like Ottawa. Although we deeply value having an opportunity to express our appreciation to you, we do not feel that holding this event in-person is feasible for this June. Plans are underway to hold an informative, inspiring and entertaining virtual event to provide you with exciting content, updates from CSA, and a celebration of our 2022 Member Award recipients.

While there is no specific timeline on how quickly smaller scale, in-person committee meetings will resume, we are optimistic that we will meet again, in-person, in the coming months. We have seen the success of remote meetings but look forward to getting back together in-person where and when it makes sense.

Stay tuned, stay safe, and we thank you for your continued understanding.