Post Date PAR # Manufacturer Post name

Product Type

Model #
December 17, 2015 37-15 Kitchen Queen CSA Group Warns of Tandoori Ovens Bearing Unauthorized CSA Certification Mark Tandoori Ovens KQ1; may be other unidentified models
December 17, 2015 38-15 Apex Chance Ltd. Sears Canada Inc. recalls WholeHome Noel 70 L.E.D. Lights Seasonal Lights (Indoor & Outdoor) 25074 (COD-TS1-70-2)
December 18, 2015 39-15 Taizhou Hongpeng Colour Lanterns Co., Ltd Expanded Recall: The Michaels Companies, Inc. recalls various CELEBRATE ITTM brand Lights Sets Seasonal Lights (Indoor & Outdoor) Various CELEBRATE IT™ brand Light Sets
December 18, 2015 40-15 Taizhou Hongpeng Colour Lanterns Co., Ltd. & Ningbo Ego International Co. Ltd. Expanded Recall: All seasonal lights made by Taizhou Hongpeng Colour Lanterns Co., Ltd. or Ningbo EGO International Co. Ltd. recalled by various Canadian importers Seasonal Lights (Indoor & Outdoor) Various
December 21, 2015 41-15 Masco Enterprise Co. Ltd. Recall Re-Announcement: Bauer Hockey Corp. recalls Goal Masks and Cages Goal Mask & Cages C1, NME 10, RP NME Ti
December 22, 2015 42-15 Zhejiang Kaifu Lamp Co.,Ltd. Expanded Recall: Dollarama recalls Christmas 20 LED Light Sets Seasonal Lights (Indoor) KFI-20A., KFI-20H
December 21, 2015 43-15 Zhejiang Kaifu Lamp Co., Ltd. Canadian Tire Corporation, Ltd. recalls various “Holiday Collection” Seasonal Lights Season Lights (Indoor/Outdoor) Various