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ANSI Z21.10.3-2015 / CSA 4.3-2015, Gas-fired water heaters, volume III, storage water heaters with input ratings above 75,000 Btu per hour, circulating and instantaneous

April 1, 2017 Notice

Publication of ANSI Z21.66-2015 - CSA 6.14-2015 "Automatic Damper Devices for Gas Appliances"

October 1, 2016 Notice

Publication of ANSI Z2190-2015 - CSA 6.24-2015 "Gas Convenience Outlets and Optional Enclosures"

August 1, 2016 Notice

Publication of CSA 3.16-15 "Lever Operated Non-Lubricated Gas Shut-Off Valves"

March 1, 2018 Notice

Publication of CSA 3.11-15 "Lever Operated Pressure Lubricated Plug Type Gas Shut-Off Valves"

March 1, 2017 Notice

Standard CSA C22.2 No. 94.1-15 ,Second Edition/UL 50, Thirteenth Edition /ANCENMX-J-235/2-ANCE-2015, Third Edition - Enclosures for Electrical Equipment, Non-Environmental Considerations

December 31, 2020 Notice

Publication of Standard CSA C22.2 NO. 94.2-15, Second Edition/UL 50E, Second Edition/ ANCE NMX-J-235/2-ANCE-2015, Third Edition - Enclosures for electrical equipment, environmental considerations

December 31, 2020 Notice

Withdrawal of Certification of Telescopic Extension Ladders

March 31, 2016 Notice

Publication of Standards CSA-C22.2 No. 218.2-15 - Hydromassage bathtub appliances, UL 1795 - Hydromassage Bathtubs 4th Edition (2009) including revisions though January 7, 2015 and ASME A112.19.7-2012/CSA B45.10-12 - Hydromassage bathtub systems

September 1, 2020 Notice

Publication of Standard CSA C22.2 No. 236-15/UL1995, Fifth Edition, Heating and Cooling Equipment

November 30, 2022 Notice