Our full range of performance testing services are uniquely designed to help you accelerate supply chains, increase competitive advantage, build customer satisfaction and reduce product return rates.

Pre-Production Evaluations

We help you determine the relevant applicable safety standards, regulations and codes during the development cycle. We will provide you with detailed written specifications for existing products based on materials, physical characteristics, features, packaging attributes and safety and regulatory requirements.

Performance Testing Services

We provide performance testing and claim verification services to standards, regulations and proprietary test protocols for both product and packaging.

  • Claim verification services – As an independent third-party testing agency, we help verify your product claims with services that include destructive, actual use and life cycle testing.
  • Performance verification/testing – We will provide you with third-party verification testing using custom protocols, to help ensure your products live up to end-user expectations and performance standards.
  • Environmental testing – CSA Group laboratories are equipped with ultraviolet light chambers, corrosion chambers and other equipment to test your products for performance and durability under various environmental conditions such as high temperature or humidity.
  • Benchmarking/Product line reviews – CSA Group’s comparative product testing evaluates one product against another.

Post-Purchase Performance Testing CSA Group will provide you with post-purchase testing including product return, recall and failure analysis.

CSA Group’s global laboratory network is ready to evaluate the safety, efficiency or performance of your product.