Functional safety exists almost everywhere, from commercial and industrial to household settings. In a market that continues to embrace digitization, safety-related control functions of these machines and equipment have increasingly become electrical, electronic, programmable electronic device (E/E/PE) based. These systems all share a common and critical thread – they must perform reliably and should be evaluated for compliance with applicable functional safety standards. When an operation failure of a safety-related system could harm people, property or the environment, then functional safety is the undisputed top priority. Organizations can demonstrate functional safety by showing that their systems’ functionality is dependable enough for the level of risk it controls. A functional safety evaluation is required to identify the likelihood of potentially dangerous failures and also verifies that the required corrective or preventive actions are properly integrated into the equipment’s design plan. CSA Group recognizes the importance of not only demonstrating functional safety compliance, but understanding how to identify hazards to mitigate risks. That’s why we offer fast and efficient safety and evaluation services for products and systems, Functional Safety Management (FSM) certification, and technical guidance support & training. We utilize the CASS Scheme (Conformity Assessment of Safety-related Systems) to perform our certifications to ensure transparency throughout the process, minimize costs for clients, and provide assistance in preparing the necessary technical files.

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