For more than 90 years, CSA Group has operated with the strongest commitment to integrity. Through this dedication, we have earned a solid international reputation for the quality and value of our work. Promoting integrity in all areas of our operations is now more important than ever before given the continuous evolution of the global marketplace and the increased scrutiny facing the business world. CSA Group’s continued success depends on our ability to maintain our reputation. We cannot accomplish this without the support of our employees whom we view as our greatest assets. Each and every employee is an integral part of fulfilling CSA Group’s commitment to integrity, and we rely on each member of CSA Group and its divisions to help ensure that our values are reflected in everything we do. This Code of Conduct reflects our CSA Group values and it is a guide as to how we ensure we are conducting our operations to the highest ethical standards. It provides basic principles that guide interactions with fellow employees, clients, competitors, government bodies and the global community. When circumstances warrant additional guidance, it provides all readers with contacts for appropriate information and advice on matters of integrity on a confidential basis, by phone or email. Download PDF version: Code of Conduct (303 KB) Nothing is as solid as the integrity of our employees. But even the strongest structure needs a foundation. We need you to defend our values by speaking up. If you know, or suspect any violations and/or have compliance concerns regarding our company’s Code of Conduct, you can safely report any concerns or get more information by logging on to the EthicsPoint Hot Line. CSA Group provides various reporting channels, including a confidential phone and secure web helpline that are hosted by EthicsPoint, a trusted third party supplier. All reports will be investigated with fair and due process. Please check the online Helpline to either make a report electronically or find the local hotline phone number for your jurisdiction. Online Help: In compliance with EU laws, EthicsPoint cannot accept anonymous reports from the EU at this time. If you are in the EU and want to report a concern, please contact: