Advances in technology have contributed to rising market demands for cleaner, smarter and more affordable energy. One response to this demand is solar energy; more than just a global trend – it’s a global reality.  In fact, 2016 saw the global Photovoltaic (PV) market complete its 10th consecutive year of growth, with India set to become the third largest market in 2017 – behind China and the USA.

CSA Group tests and certifies PV components as part of a commitment to supporting safe and efficient renewable energy products. As manufacturers of these products, you can play a critical role in promoting sustainable energy production and reducing carbon emissions.

Utilizing state-of-the-art test facilities, we provide customized testing services that examine the reliability, performance and quality of your products under conditions that accurately simulate solar energy service. This attention to detail can streamline your product development and optimization efforts, producing significant near- and long-term time and cost savings.

State-of-the-Art Testing Facilities

We are able to offer exceptional testing service due to the quality of our photovoltaic/environmental testing facilities that include:

  • Advanced technology solar simulators to precisely reproduce high intensity light
  • Environmental chambers to evaluate performance in controlled temperature and humidity
  • A light-soak chamber to simulate extended sunlight exposure
  • IEC testing capabilities to help ensure conformity with international safety and performance standards
  • An expansive outdoor testing area allows us to evaluate your PV modules on fixed racks and dual axis trackers

PV Racking Systems

Successful use of solar energy depends on safe mounting and racking. CSA Group tests and certifies photovoltaic racking systems – full or component certification – to verify compliance with the requirements of relevant national and international standards – including ANSI/UL, CAN/CSA and IEC. Included are electrical grounding/bonding verification, mechanical load testing, fire performance, and environmental conditioning verification for rooftop installations