Meeting the Complex Challenges of Today’s Innovative Appliance Market

“Connected” is the new norm in the appliance industry. Integrated connectivity, faster run times and specialized and customizable functions are becoming standard features in conventional machines. This ever-evolving market now sees innovation and smart technology as a major component of consumer demand. With the advancement of these technologies, global & industry standards on safety, performance and efficiency must also evolve and include additional testing requirements in order to bring products to market. Combined with increasingly complex supply chains and online marketplaces, manufacturers are aiming to produce and sell their products from every corner of the world. CSA Group can provide product evaluation, testing & certification services for your increasingly innovative commercial and household appliance products. We can do this because we continuously advance our technical expertise in new and emerging technologies, constantly invest in developing knowledgeable staff to reliably serve our customers, and pay close attention to key international markets.

Reliable Product Evaluation and Supplementary Services for Innovative Products

No matter where you manufacture or sell your products, you will work with knowledgeable technical representatives from our network of international offices and laboratories. Our services not only include safety, performance and energy efficiency testing, but also supplemental services including cybersecurity, functional safety, global market access and more. We test & certify a complete range of electrical, gas-fired, oil or solid-fuel equipment, including large and small appliances. And with our CSA mark being widely recognized and accepted – by safety inspectors, code officials, authorities having jurisdiction (AHJs), safety experts and leading product manufacturers, distributors and retailers – we can help provide your home and commercial appliance customers with confidence in their product safety, quality and functionality.

We partner with you to certify, test, and audit quality and safety –across industries and around the world.