Working For Your Industry

With a global network of offices and laboratories, CSA Group provides services to a wide range of commercial, industrial and residential industries around the world. You will benefit from our extensive experience both in established, mature sectors as well as in alternative and emerging technology sectors like nanotechnology, renewable energy, and more. CSA Group has a demonstrated track record of understanding industry needs today, while anticipating the technologies that will drive your business tomorrow.

  • Aerospace

  • Comprehensive solutions for aerospace products.
  • Appliances & HVACR

  • Comprehensive solutions for HVACR equipment, large and small appliances.
  • Automotive

  • Testing & certification and other services for automobile components and a range of fueling systems.
  • Construction, Buildings & Infrastructure

  • Comprehensive products & services that address construction, buildings & infrastructure systems and components.
  • Energy & Resources

  • Addressing the needs of the conventional and renewable energy industries.
  • Hearth & Grill Products

  • Solutions for a range of outdoor cooking & heating appliances, grills and fireplaces.
  • IT & AV Technology

  • Comprehensive solutions for IT, telecommunications, audio, video & multimedia devices.
  • Lighting

  • Complete solutions for traditional and solid state lighting products.
  • Marine Equipment

  • Comprehensive solutions for marine equipment.