Standards solutions that provide guidance around health care technology and infrastructure that supports quality patient care as well as comprehensive safety standards for workers, workplaces and the public at large.

Health Care

At the heart of CSA Group health care standards is an understanding that ‘health care’ encompasses a number of critical components with one common goal – improving the health and safety of patients and health care workers, and helping ensure consistent delivery of quality, effective health care in any setting it may be provided. Even before a critical care patient reaches a hospital, standards are already hard at work – from the design and construction of the facilities themselves, to effective sterilization procedures for a variety of devices used to support patient care. Standards are present in medical laboratories, in critical electrical systems and transportation methods for persons with disabilities. They even provide support for safe health care in a home setting. CSA Group has extensive experience in developing and maintaining standards that cover medical laboratories, drug labeling, perioperative safety, infection prevention & control, blood & blood components, sterilization, medical devices and systems, health care facility infrastructure, as well as home-based health care standards such as home dialysis equipment and portable oxygen tanks.

Worker & Public Safety

CSA Group is committed to advancing safety around the world and we provide a comprehensive suite of standards for occupational health & safety professionals. Our worker and workplace safety standards cover a wide range of workplace matters including the implementation and maintenance of health & safety management systems, which is based on CAN/CSA Z1000 – Occupational Health & Safety management, designated as a National Standards of Canada as well as topics such as personnel protective equipment, construction & electrical safety, equipment and machine safety, emergency and continuity management, human factors and mental health in the workplace. Our standards also address personnel protective equipment (PPE), construction and electrical safety, equipment & machine safety, emergency & continuity management, ergonomics and human factors. We also developed the first-of-its-kind landmark national standard on psychological health & safety in the workplace, CSA Z1003. For over 30 years, CSA Group has also been developing standards that help make our communities safer and more accessible. These include standards for ice hockey and alpine skiing helmets, playground safety, and those that support independent, barrier-free living for people with disabilities. 

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