For nearly 100 years, CSA Group has worked with industry, manufacturers and regulators to develop and maintain a comprehensive portfolio of electrical & gas standards that address safety, performance and energy efficiency requirements for products, systems, as well as installation requirements and best practices, most notably the Canadian Electrical Code and the Natural Gas & Propane Installation Code. Many of these standards are model codes that form the basis for supporting regulatory requirements within Canada and the U.S.

Electrical Standards

Standards, certification, and regulation form the foundation of the Canadian Electrical Safety System. Canadian electrical product standards cover everything from installation procedures, overhead and underground electrical distribution systems, to products and system components such as toasters, conductors and street lighting. The collective group of standards is known as the Canadian Electrical Code, and at the core is C22.1 – Canadian Electrical Code, Part I, a standard that has provided guidance to safer electrical installations in Canada for nearly a century. The CE Code, Part I, is developed and maintained through a committee with representation from regulatory jurisdictions across Canada, making it a truly national standard. From the products you buy, to the systems of lines and towers that deliver the electricity to power these products, to the performance and testing methods to determine energy efficiency, CSA Group maintains a portfolio of over 700 CSA electrical standards that address product safety, installation and energy efficiency requirements.

Our technical committees draw contributors from industry, government, academia, consumers, regulators and other key stakeholders to develop standards that address everything from fuses and light bulbs, to sophisticated equipment for control and laboratory use, to solutions for information communication technology and renewable energy. We’ve been accredited to the requirements of the Standards Council of Canada (SCC) for over 40 years and the requirements of American National Standards Institute (ANSI) since 1997, and have identified efficiencies and developed a refined process for creating harmonized solutions. In fact, 70% of CSA Group’s CE Code product safety standards are harmonized across North America.

Gas Standards

Our portfolio of Gas standards provide solutions for consumer and commercial appliances, installation codes, and energy efficiency standards that include natural gas, propane and oil burning appliances, gas related accessories, solid biofuels, solid fuel-burning equipment, propane storage and handling, heat meters, and carbon monoxide detectors. This includes Transportation industry standards for the safe use of alternative energy fuels and energies, including related technology, used in transportation in Canada and the United States. We have a storied history of developing standards to meet the unique needs of manufacturers, users and regulators both sides of the border.

We have developed over 50 standards through a bi-national process with Committee Members representing both countries. We also have decades of experience in developing harmonized Codes & Standards that meet the requirements of both the Standards Council of Canada (SCC) and the American National Standards Institute (ANSI). An important resource for gas and propane industry workers across Canada, CSA B149.1 – Natural Gas and Propane Installation Code reflects the latest advances in technology and the most current safety requirements. The Code has been reviewed by regulatory authorities across Canada, and is adopted into law in every Canadian province and territory. Purchase Standards

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