Frequently Asked Questions

Are recalls mandatory?

Are there areas of standards development CSA Group is not involved with?

Do you update the media or the public on investigations of faulty or suspect products?

Does CSA Group approve products for sale?

Does CSA Group certify children’s items?

Does CSA Group have a copy of its marketplace surveillance reports available to the public?

Does CSA Group make a profit certifying a product to an applicable standard?

How can I become involved in standards development?

How do recalled products become certified to begin with?

How does CSA Group determine what standards to develop?

How is a standard developed?

How long does it take CSA Group to distribute a recall?

How often are standards updated?

I am trying to confirm if a product is certified. How do I know?

I believe I have discovered a hazardous/counterfeit product. What should I do?

In what areas of certification is CSA Group involved?

Is a CSA Group standard law?

Is CSA Group part of the government?

Is it possible to have a media or public tour of your laboratories?

Is the CSA mark recognized in the U.S.?

Is there a counterfeit problem with CSA certification marks?

We are a media outlet and would like to film a product being tested in you laboratories. Is this possible?

We are a media outlet and would like to film CSA Group’s Global Mark Integrity Team conducting a raid or covert surveillance. Is this possible?

What are ISO standards and how is CSA Group involved with ISO in Canada?

What does the CSA mark mean?